Catering for creating lasting partnership & trust with our customers. Being instrumental in the image building

of the country, trough providing world class, durable and matched quality product to the market .

to this effect we:

  • Cater to satisfy all the need of our Customer by providing them with quality products
  • Ensure the Ethiopian market has at all times state of the art building finishing materials.
  • Excel in providing our customers unparalleled sales and associated after sales services.
  • Working harder to ensure a lifetime business partnership with our customer and supplier.


    Maintain its leading and Market Share in Ceramics and sanitary ware industry in the country.


    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Employees Empowerment
    • Corporate identity and image
    • Integrity and Ethics
    • Strength and stability
    • Social responsibility & Corporate Citizenship
    • Profit and Growth
    • Respect and Trust
    • Quality and Excellence
    • Teamwork and Cooperation