Ethio Ceramics established and registered as a private limit company in 1986 In Ethiopia.The company has succeeded to be the major and leading supplier of building and finishing material in the country. With its giant strides the company has managed to be far the lading and trend setting in the industry. It has within a short span of time established itself as the country’s leading supplier of high quality ceramics wall & floor tiles, porcelain, sanitary ware, Furniture and other building, finishing material and Home elements.

Currently the company owns show room and stores at various locations in Addis Ababa, which makes it most reachable company in the sector .

Through its services over years, the company has earned high reputation and trust of its customers as the quality house of ceramics and finishing Materials. The Company always strives to honor this reputation by providing its customers with unwavering standard of quality products at all time. The fact that the company reaches all segment of market has enables it to hold a grip on the highest market share in the sector and command the strongest market position in the country.

The already established reputation and the wide sales out lets of the company offer a unique competitive advantage for expansion and diversification products lines.